Our extensive experience

We have over 30 years of cumulated cyber security experience of both client and vendor side, from offensive to defensive perspective, holding an array of international certifications from SANS, Offensive Security and ISC2.

Your Cyber Pal

From individual cyber security needs to complex projects, starting with professional guidance and ending with an efficient implementation - we promptly respond as you require.

Why Us?

Our vast cyber security experience together with our expertise and professionalism builds the path to resilience and up-to-date security posture for our customers.

Our culture

Professionalism, Dedication, Expertise, Collaboration and Monitoring continually emerging threats, vulnerabilities and technologies, forms our team's culture and provides the value the cyber security market eagers for.

About Us

We bring our team’s vast experience, cumulated is over three decades in cyber security, to assess your security posture and provide a prioritized roadmap of recommendations to improve the effectiveness, flexibility, and cost of your current cybersecurity solutions. Our team has designed and implemented cybersecurity solutions, from web application firewalls and SIEM solutions to identity management, privacy, and penetration testing. We can respond to all levels of businesses, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.
Just as an example, with Strategic Cyber Security Service, customers can rest assured they have a comprehensive understanding of their cyber security risk posture and a plan to mitigate it.

Your cyber pal is allways building up on his culture based on main directions:

  • A high level of professionalism
  • Client oriented attitude
  • Expertise and a vast cyber security experience

Our team provides a broad range of flexible services, individually or in optimized packages tailored as the customer requires. We can offer offensive services, from vulnerability management to penetration tests, or defensive services from Strategic Cyber Security Audit to Cyber Threat Intelligence, and much more.

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A proactive approach is by far the most successful strategy an organization could take when designing its cyber security program. Identifying vulnerabilities and quantifying cyber security risk, followed by prioritized remediation, would help an organization stay ahead of cyber threat actors. In addition, governments across the world recognize the relevance of cyber security threats and address them in more and more demanding regulations. These requirements need to be met by both commercial and public organizations, while failure to comply would generate considerable penalties. CyberPal Tech aims to help customers improve overall security posture by identifying threats ahead of being materialized. By applying “offensive” and ethical hacking techniques, the right dosage of defensive mechanisms could be determined. We help prevent security threats from happening through our following cyber security proactive services.

Act like a PRO

Once again, a proactive approach is by far the most successful strategy an organization could take when designing its security program. Identifying vulnerabilities and quantifying the security risks, followed by prioritized remediation would help an organization stay ahead of cyber security threat actors.

"To know your enemy, you must become the enemy."

Sun Tzu, The Art of War

We aim to help you improve overall security posture and prevent security threats from happening by identifying them ahead of being abused. By applying “offensive” and ethical hacking techniques, the right dosage of defensive mechanisms could be determined.

Human element is important

Last but not least, taking care of your most important good, the human resource, is often abused by attackers. We can help you by considering our dedicated Training and awareness module.

Know your enemies

A modern Threat Intelligence approach takes into consideration the context of each individual customer by understanding their business vertical, technology stack, and specific threats, and then, tunning the overall security strategy accordingly. Our work begins with a Threat Modeling Assessment, which includes interviews with executives and technical security personnel. Through this initiative, we help you define your specific cyber security threat landscape and help you adapt your security strategy to your specific context. We help you identify the most relevant threats and mitigations to help protect your business in an efficient manner, without bringing operations to a halt with cumbersome, and low-value remediations.

We help you to identify cyber security risks that threaten your business and reputation and we provide recommendations on how to improve your security posture with practical mitigations, tuned accordingly to your business needs. This is an essential activity to efficiently protect your business from cyber threats and which can also help you prepare for compliance certifications in the future.

Knowledge is power

With the goal of improving the overall cyber security posture, we help evaluate organization's security program, identify improvement opportunities and help to optimize the security strategy in accordance with the cyber threat landscape.

Always in help for the customers

As cyber security threats are growing both in numbers and sophistication, any organization can be caught off guard and become impacted. Cyber adversaries are in a constant look for the next victim through which they seek to gain financial advantages.

Keep up a good visibility

Through this service, we enable organizations obtain correct visibility into their own infrastructure. We help identify critical points of observations, fine tune the logging strategy and continously monitor for abnormal activities.

Not "if", but "when"

Security incidents have become a norm in the IT industry and it's no longer a matter of "if", but more likely of "when". Organizations need to prepare in advance with contingency plans and rapid reactions in case of an unwanted event. We aim to help you manage a security incident through its entire life-cycle and to mitigate the impact of security attack through our Incident Response amd Digital Forensics service.

Scan, Evaluate, and Fix

Vulnerability management is a cyclic process in which weaknesses in IT infrastructure are identified. The risks of these vulnerabilities and their associated threats are evaluated. This evaluation leads to correct the findings and mitigate the overall risk.

Preparation preceds success

Our cyber security trainings offering is tailored to individual needs and it ranges from various areas, including: penetration testing and red teaming, security monitoring and incident response, awareness and threat intelligence.

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